Technologies That You Must Seek In Your Leak Detection Service

A water leak can be an intimidating factor for any household. If you go by statistics, then water damage has ranked the second just behind power outage that has lead to considerable damage to both domestic and commercial property. So, no matter whether you are in Perth or any other region, if you are facing water leak then the feeling of frustration and anger will be the same. The water leak is not just sprouting water falling from your room top or underneath your slab; rather, it is a threat that looms larger if you don’t pay constant attention at the right time.

Suppose, if there is a water leakage underneath the slab and it is going undetected for a long period, then it is slowly and gradually destroying the strength of the base of your house, a stage will come when your base will not be able to cope up with pressure of the building, and it can come crashing down. Imagine a scenario when there is debris all around, and you are submerged in your blood. Your gaping wounds are sprouting stream of blood. You won’t like to have that scenario convert into a reality in your life. So, you must always go for a thorough investigation to root out any possibilities of water leakage by availing leak detection companies to make your home in Perth safe and secure. So, when you have made up your mind to avail a leak detection service in Perth to figure out any possible water leakage, then you must seek for the latest technologies in your leak detection company.

1. Continuous Run Sensing System: This is a pioneering technological advancement that you must seek in your leak detection service. This device provides comprehensive detection support by pinpointing multiple areas that are susceptible to leakage. It uses Time Domain Reflectometry or also known as TDR that measures the loss of water through leakage by using a detuned resonant circuit.

2. Intelligent Cable Sensor: This device uses conductive and non-conductive sensing wires to detect the water leak. As non-conductive cables are less prone to false alarms, as a result of cables coming in contact with the metallic surface, the alarm doesn’t go off, so it provides official results.

3. Ground Penetrating Radar: This is a pioneering product for underground utility service; it is especially efficient in handling pool and slab leak. This product uses infrared technology to detect the areas that are prone to leakage or where leakage has already happened. The advantage that it generates is flawless detection and no damage whatsoever while providing the leak detection treatment.

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